Stop Saying ‘I Don’t Have Time’

“Did you get that stuff for the thing done?”

“Oh, dude, I’ve been really slammed…I don’t have time.”

Liar. Thousands of people will spend hours just commuting to their jobs today. 20 years ago we didn’t have time for the internet. 100 years ago no one imagined carving out most of the night to watch TV. You have time. But you choose not to make time for certain things. 

That’s wise. Own it. Your schedule is not like a weather pattern you have no control over. The lack of enough hours in the day isn’t happening to you, you’re intentionally choosing it. You are not a victim of an intricate time vampire conspiracy. All of us have to determine our priorities and defend them, and that means making time for the big ones at the expense of the lesser ones.

But ‘I don’t have time’ is a cop out, because it isn’t true. Stop making excuses for your decisions. You have time. You don’t make time for everything. 

And hopefully, because of that decision, you actually get the right stuff done.