Blogger’s Block and the Social Media Cure for What Ails It

Blogger's Block

I couldn’t think of anything to write about yesterday, so I asked the hive mind.

Mike Boutté asked me to write about blogger’s block, so here we are, my friend. Answer: leverage your friends to find content that meets needs.

Michael Harrison asked what I’m doing at this year’s Unleash Conference at NewSpring Church. Answer: I’ll be doing a breakout session with our Communications Director Suzanne Swift talking about communications and web strategy for churches of any size. I might also be speaking one other time, but it’s on the sly. I’ll also be walking around, meeting people, hopefully helping people, and generally being amazed that thousands of talented, passionate folks think we have have something to teach them.

Adam Spooner asked about choosing complementary serif/sans typefaces. Answer: I’m in way over my head, but I typically go for contrast, readability, and faces that have somewhat complimentary general angles/shapes. I also play the very annoying “until it looks right” card. You should probably listen to people who are smarter than me.

Sean Berger asked about Twitter + eCommerce Strategy. Answer: you’re asking the wrong guy. I use Twitter to make people laugh. I don’t know how valuable that’ll be in trying to sell them anything. (But it think that highlights the fact that there is no one way to use Twitter.)

John Flowers asked why I thought creativity was essential. Answer: I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it as an essentiality, I just like to make things and think of things and solve problems.

kjellnygren asked why content management system ExpressionEngine is so awesome and he wanted some tutorials. Answer: EE has a wicked learning curve, but a brilliantly simple payoff. Between it and CodeIgniter, there’s not much you can’t do fairly quickly and elegantly. Since I’m a problem solver, not a developer, you should look into EE Insider, EE Screencasts, these EE video tutorials, and Ryan Irelan’s blog. They’re all awesome.