Use the Right Tools

Last week I spent a few hours moving our three-bay “compost corral” from one corner of the yard to another. After relocating the structure, I had to move the ~40 wheelbarrow loads of actual compost. I could have shoveled away at it, and while a shovel is a perfectly good tool, it wasn’t the right tool for this job. Have you ever used a pitchfork? Amazing—capable of lifting and pitching much more semi-loose material that you expect. The pitchfork cut my work by more than half, and saved my back in the process.

You shouldn’t make a habit of blaming your tools for your lack. But you use the right tools for the job. “Work smarter, not harder,” I can hear my father saying. 

So don’t use a shovel when you actually need a pitchfork. Don’t schedule a meeting when you actually need a quick phone call or email. Don’t make an iPhone app when you actually need a better website for mobile users. Don’t do the same repetitive tasks day in day out when you actually need to automate or streamline your process. 

If presented with options, use the tool that does the job the best.