Soapboxes, Being Somebody, and the Population of Cleveland

“So you have a lots of followers on Twitter and your blog — are you somebody?” Thus went one of the strangest questions I’ve ever received over Chick-fil-A nuggets. “Well, I post a lot of things online. I’ve been doing it for 7 years. That’s all I know to tell you.” 

As usual, someone smarter than me articulates it better than me:

Is my soapbox [big]? Yes it is. But that’s fair, because I built this soapbox myself. It’s my firm belief that all websites eventually attract the attention and respect that they deserve. The hard work is in the “eventually” part.

Granted, Gruber’s soapbox is to my soapbox as the population of China is to the nice folks of Cleveland, but the question remains, am I somebody? I’d argue that we’re all somebody, it’s just a matter of scale. And if you want a bigger soapbox, you best get to building.