Welcome to the New New Digs

If you’re an RSS reader, come over and take a peek.

The best design is the one that launches, so while there’s much left to do (sorry about the comments section right now—so undone!), fix, tweak (a new grid means some off-grid elements in my content need to be righted), make better, add to, etc. I’m happy you can see something other than the default WordPress theme that was standing in for my broken theme (or even the almost three-year old former design). I haven’t done any cross-browser testing yet, but if you’re in a modern browser, all should be as well as it can be with two days of quick development from the non-developer.

I’m making hopefully good use of the Google Font Directory (PT Sans and Droid Sans). It’s a decent, albeit limited in variety, alternative to perfectly awesome services like Typekit. I’d love to explore more options down the road. I’ve also ditched (for the time being) the daily-changing colors until I can rewrite that code in better fashion. Of course, I’ll likely never give up my quest to do as much as possible with CSS borders, so I’m still the Mayor of Bordertown. Oh, and I have a logo now. More on that later.

As always, thank you for reading!