Allow Me to Give You a Little Tour of the Place

It occurs to me that in the grand scheme of 2002–present some of you might be new to this site. I think it will be helpful to save you from the hassle of rummaging through too much older content—I’ll just give you the highlights of the last year or so. That should set some expectations for what you might see in the future, should you decide to lend me your internet attention from time to time.

Sometimes I write about web design and development like How I Develop Websites Without an Internet Connection or how IE6 isn’t dead yet.

Sometimes I write about the web in more general terms and topics, like print vs web or the entitlement baggage of social media or how easy it is to complain instead of create or telling people they’re doing it wrong or the stupidity of social media without strategy.

Sometimes I share photos I take, like this one or this one or this one. Sometimes I share photos other people take, like this one or this one.

Sometimes I share music that I find particularly amazing, like pianist Eric Lewis or songwriter duo The Civil Wars or breath of fresh air Janelle Monáe.

Sometimes, rarely (and with good reason), I write about politics and a relentless fury of comments often follows.

Sometimes I write about life stuff like trying to get out of debt or how much salary is enough or how my wife’s grandfather dying made me think about John Steinbeck.

Sometimes I write about Christianity, like our crazy Pseudo-Christian/Hyper-Political American subculture (the comments on that one are stellar) or more personal thoughts about leadership and legacy.

I occasionally write about artistic copying/plagiarism, how it hurts you, how it confuses your audience, and how we totally mangle that Picasso quote about great artists stealing.

But lately, mostly, it seems like I write about work—the office, the team, the tools it takes to make extraordinary things with other people. Getting out of your own way so that you can build something worth spending the 9–5 (and beyond) on. Here’s a few favorites:

So, if you’ve made it this far, perused even half of those links, and you think “I like this place, I think we could get along,” stick around, subscribe to the RSS feed, join the ragtag bunch of brilliant commenters who frequent the site, and know that I’m humbled you’d trade me your time for something I have to say. Onward and upward, new internet friends.