Some Awesome Things My Team Has Been Making Lately

I love my design team. I’m super proud of the work they do at NewSpring, but I also love that they make things in their spare* time as well. Here’s a few of my favorites of late:

Chandler Van De Water designed and released his first typeface, Cubano, a confident, friendly sans serif display face with lots of personality. He’s working on his second one now.

Drew Delianides wrote a Cloud App raindrop to add the currently playing Rdio track to Cloud to share. You can grab it at Github.

Dave Keller shot and edited this documentary-style teaser trailer for The Explorers Club’s upcoming album, as well as a series of shorts for the Keller Film Festival.

Lindsey Hudlow made some gorgeous hand-lettered Valentine’s Day cards she screenprinted and passed out to the staff. She’s also been tracking the wardrobe habits of our whole team in a Google Doc which she then uses to impersonate one of us on the first Monday of every month. The anticipation is amazing.

*Spare time is a myth—you choose what to do with every hour of the day, and talented, curious people take that time to create awesome things. If that kind of environment sounds inspiring to you, we’re looking for another Designer and Project Manager right now.