Dreams & Hiring

There’s lots to like about this article from Brooke Allen on hiring, but this gem stands out:

I won’t get between you and your dreams. If you have a dream, I need to know what it is so we can figure out if this job gets you closer.

How refreshing. 

Imagine the freedom that comes from acknowledging what you dream about with potential employers up front. When you know what you want and you let everyone else know it, it helps potential bosses/supervisors/leaders lead you in the best way possible, even if that way is not into the job you’re applying for.

If your dream is going to become a reality, you need all the help you can get, not just to make it happen, but not to waste time doing things that don’t get you closer to your dream. Any hiring manager that wants to partner with you in that endeavor is an ally, job offer or not.