Five Things I’ve Done Since I Stopped Blogging Six Years Ago

  1. I quit my long term gig In late 2016, I stepped away from the in-house team I spent 11+ years helping to grow. It was time.
  2. I hung out my shingle At the beginning of 2017, my design studio Blankenship Office opened for business. We’re still here!
  3. I became a family man Having two kids in the span of 2.5 years tends to change your life. We sing a lot of Disney songs and it’s rad.
  4. We launched a lil’ thing Last Fall, Mrs. Blankenship and I started a little paper goods company for kids (and their adults).
  5. I legit almost died So it turns out blood poisoning is still a thing, and it can kill you if you don’t treat it. Who knew?