LogoLand — Get a Professional Logo at a Great Price in a Week

So I built a new thing…

LogoLand is a magical place where you get a professional logo at a great price in a week. In practice, it’s a $1499 purchase that gets you a custom logo, files, short styleguide, and puts it all in a Google Drive folder to share with vendors and partners. 


While running my design studio, I’ve lost count of the number of small web development shops that sell $3–5k websites who say “we have clients that need a logo, but they can’t afford someone like you — what should we tell them?” Or potential clients who don’t really need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on brand strategy and identity. Where do they go? Until I built LogoLand, I didn’t have a good answer for them.

The options for small business logos aren’t great. The DIY route isn’t professional. The commodity design services get you a logo, but no guarantee it’s unique or memorable. Working with a solo designer can be a good experience, but the process of finding, vetting, and navigating that relationship is foreign to most small business owners, and it takes time. And the agency/studio route is likely too expensive and too in depth for most small businesses. Some people just want an affordable logo!

We can make the LogoLand price point work by reducing three key things:

So, LogoLand — I hope it’s helpful, and can fulfill a real need in the market. If you’re so inclined, give us a follow on Instagram and Twitter, and an upvote on Product Hunt. If you or someone you know needs a professional logo at a great price, come visit LogoLand, we’d love to see you.

Yours truly,
The Mayor of LogoLand


Thank you Cameron, Ben, and Soleio for invaluable feedback on product, positioning, voice/tone, and experience flow. And, as always, thank you to Mrs. Blankenship for her feedback, encouragement, and spurring — LogoLand literally wouldn’t exist if she didn’t push me to give it a try.