Trusting Your Audience with Abstract Logos

Logos don’t always have to be literal — even monograms!

A monogram is a visual motif made by combining (or overlapping) letters to form a symbol. Think about brands like Louis Vuitton, the New York Yankees, or Volkswagon.

Each of their logos is a monogram, easily read as an LV, NY, and VW. But what if I told you readability isn’t the only thing that matters?

LogoLand just completed a new logo for Midwest A/V/L company LE Productions. It’s not the most straightforward logo…

In its construction, it’s a monogram — there’s an L, E, and P. But if the viewer doesn’t see the letterforms, that’s ok because the logo still reads as a pleasing abstract collection of proportional geometric shapes. 

If you trust your audience, and reward their curiosity, you might find that you can “get away” with way more visual identity risks than you think.