Team Blankenship’s Tex-Mex Family Cookbook

For the last few months, Mrs. Blankenship, the kiddos, and I have been collaborating on a paper goods endeavor called, appropriately, Team Blankenship. We’re pretty excited.

We’re excited to share a new book! The Team Blankenship Tex-Mex Family Cookbook includes five generations of recipes for drinks, side and main dishes, and desserts, specifically formatted for you and your family to prepare together. Illustrated throughout, easy to follow, and of course delicious to eat. Mi cocina es tu cocina, compadres!

Haiku Pickup Line postcards and Alphabet Coloring Books are also currently available, and we’ll have a few other products available soon, including posters, postcard sets, and another book (or two). 

You can follow the Team on Instagram or the #teamblankenship hashtag on Twitter. Let’s make some stuff together. :)