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Karen McGrane is totally not excellently blogging via a shared Google Doc right now. So far we have “posts” about Tarot cards, Disney Execs, and David Blaine.

What’s the Difference Between Brand and Brand Identity?

I spend my time working with clients on everything from logos to messaging to environments and websites. So when someone says, “You do branding work, right?” they’re right, right? Well, not exactly.

I don’t do branding work; my clients do, by doing their business. They’re the ones building the brand, because they are the brand. 

What I do is brand identity work.

Brand with a Capital B

The terms “brand,” “branding,” “brand identity,” and even “logo” are often treated as synonyms (even by designers!), but they are not the same thing. You might think this is semantics, but I believe defining what designers do is important work that guides our process, and informs the stories we tell prospective clients. 

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On Showing Up Prepared

I just wanted to make sure that every beat that [Dr. Dre] played for me, I had a rhyme ready to go.

Eminem, on their first day of working together

You had your whole life to prepare for this moment. Why aren’t you ready?

There’s an important parable here about working on your craft now so that you’re ready when future opportunities present themselves. 

What are we doing today for tomorrow?

Hellboy 2019 Red Band Trailer

Well, this looks bonkers. (Red Band trailer, so you know, language and such. Maybe headphones it, cubicle pals.)

Five Comics I Loved (and Still Love)

[hits roof of every 80s/90s comic Frank touched] these babies can hold so many freaking ninjas. If it involved Frank Miller, Ninjas, or Frank Miller Ninjas, I was there for it. On and off the page, Miller is complicated, but Mignola — and the world he created around Hellboy — remains my forever favorite. 

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction Sheet

Who will live, who will die, and who will become a mindless undead frozen wight? Lindsey Charles has The Ultimate Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction Sheet for your downloading pleasure and rampant speculation.

Multilingual Let It Go

I have a 4yo daughter who is firmly in Disney Princess Mode right now, so we’re used to letting it go on the daily. But it’s incredible to see it sung in this many languages!

On Long Term People

Pick an industry where you can play long term games with long term people.

Naval Ravikant

On Your Friends and Your Future

Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.

Bill Cosby

Considering he’s is currently serving three to ten in a state prison, it makes you wonder who Cosby’s friends were.

2PM, Inc.

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